AppTV: The Future of Television and Computing – Office 365

I had written two articles a few years ago ( AppTV) that stated that we should be moving to an application on demand and a cable/TV on demand model. Google has made this possible with their suite of web applications. Microsoft recently announced Office 365,  a new subscription service for their Office products – it costs either $9.99 a month or $99 a year. They will be going head to head with Google in trying to capture market share for productivity software. The obvious comparisons are price (Google is free) and capability (Google still suffers from product feature limitation). I (still) believe an ad-supported on-demand model would make a difference in retaining current users of Office software and in attracting either new users or users of Google apps.  For instance, they could offer it free with general or personalized advertising. Or, offer an on-demand pay-per-use option – there are several ways one could do this from offering it per document, per day, per hour, and so on. With this, the user gets access to capability-rich Office software without having to spend big  bucks up front or having to pay every month for software that is rarely used: I  have not had reason to use Microsoft Access and yet it’s in the product that I paid for and I don’t use their other products on a daily basis either. In return the user provides space in his document editor for targeted ads. It’s a matter of preference, of course, but aren’t we already used to seeing ads every time we check our Yahoo or Gmail accounts?

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